Protect Your Business

We offer solutions to for any business to protect your “high touch points” from 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Our FDA approved antimicrobial solutions are highly affordable and flexible to any needs from touch screen to doors.

Pricing Starts From Just $15!

We Offer Two Touch Safe™️ Solutions

Non-Adhesive Film

Our non-adhesive film has no sticky backing allowing it to offer the same touch protection while allowing full functionality of buttons and moving parts. perfect for high touch points such as lifts, ATMs and key pads.

  • Kills 99.99% Of Bacteria & Viruses within 2 hours
  • Give Customers Safety & Confidence With “Anti-Virus Zone Tape”
  • Cut To Any Size & Easy To Install

Adhesive Film

Our film has a sticky backing allowing to be applied to any high touch service with minimum obstruction. This is perfect for tables, touch screens and door touch points. T vhe uses are endless!

  • Kills 99.99% Of Bacteria & Viruses within 2 hours
  • Adhesive backing for no surface obstruction
  • Cut To Any Size & Easy To Install

Free Installation Included

For Business’s

60 day hassle-free

warranty service

Our Popular High Touch Point Solutions

We can protect anything!

Door Handles
Counter Top Surfaces
Door Push Protection Panel
Gym Equipment
Elevator Touch Panel
External Touch Panels
Touch Screen Checkout Registers
Touch Screen Devices
Pokies/Gambling Machines
ATM/Touch Pads

Protect Your Business

The Secret Behind Touch Safe™️


Antimicrobial copper alloys are the first metallic touch surface materials registered by the EPA to continuously kill greater than 99.99% of bacteria that cause hospital acquired infections (HIAs) and degrade hygiene in hospitals.

Touch Safe™ products remains effective until removed, with no shelf life or expiry date. Proven to be effective against SARS Cov2, the virus which causes Covid-19 with a guaranteed kill rate of 99.99% within 2 hours of contact. This compares to 4+ days on other non-porous surfaces such as wood or glass.

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