FAQ’s About Touch Protect™️

What Is Touch Protect™️?

Touch Protect™ Antimicrobial copper film, made by world leader in its product class Dr. Cu, has been applied to over 200 million touch points and surfaces around the world. The ongoing antimicrobial action provided by the copper film significantly reduces the need for constant sanitation by up to 60 and 80% and also eliminates the need for the use of special chemicals.

Do You Have To Clean Touch Protect Film?

The great thing about Touch Protect is that it is self cleaning and killing bacteria/viruses 24/7. To ensure that the film is working to the best standard we do suggest to wipe down the films surface one a month to get any grime off.

How Do You Use It?

It’s Easy,

  1. Cut the clear film to the size you want depending on what you want to apply the film too. It could be a touch screen, door or even a kitchen bench
  2. Peel off the adhesive back of the same way you would do for a sticker
  3. Lay and stick down the film onto the surface you want to cover. Now the surface will kill 99.99% of bacteria and virus
How Long Does It Last?

If the film is not scratched, worn out or burned the antimicrobial qualities of the film will last as long as it’s applied. However we suggest to replace films each year to ensure the film is working to the best of its abilities.

Is “kills 99.99% Bacterial & Viruses” Back Up By Science? 

All Touch Protect™ products are manufactured only using copper alloys registered with the Environmental Protection Agency which must meet the requirements of proving a 99.99% kill rate of microbes within 2 hours of contact. FDA compliance requirements further ensures the safety and reliability of our products. Otherwise all Touch Protect™ products are exempt from TGA registration in Australia. Meets stringent ISO 22196 compliance standards (Tests for antimicrobial activity on plastics on surfaces with intermediate products) and 100% scientifically proven. 

Is It Environmentally Friendly? 

100% recyclable eco-friendly material. Antibacterial Copper film is a safe natural resource that has natural antibacterial properties which is harmless to the human body and the environment.

Is it harmful to skin? 

Unlike hand sanitizers Touch Protect™️ does not have any harmful effects on your skin

Does The Films Environment Effect The Antimicrobial Action?

It is effective in moisture, humidity & re-contamination because the antimicrobial copper particles are uniformly distributed on the inside. Natural oxidation does not impair the efficacy of the film.

What Surfaces Can You Use It On?

Antimicrobial Copper film can be applied to any surface that requires sanitation.

What Is Touch Protect Made Out Of?

Antimicrobial copper alloys are the first metallic touch surface materials registered by the EPA to continuously kill greater than 99.9% of bacteria that cause hospital acquired infections (HIAs) and degrade hygiene in hospitals.

Does Covering Lift Buttons With Touch Protect Affect The Use Of Braille

No, we have had it tested with a vision-impaired person to ensure the Braille would not be affected

If surfaces are being sanitized every 2 hours how does it help?

The surfaces which require constant sanitation such as stainless steel, plastic and glass as they don’t actually kill microbes on contact and can survive up to 9 days. With the copper film surface, the maximum time frame they will ever survive is 2 hours (based on a test of 1 million microbes, not all surfaces has that many). So when the level of traffic dies down in a particular area of your facility, instead of sanitising every hour, this can be reduced to every 4 hours as it is effective upon re-contamination also and the film’s surface has a self-sanitising effect reducing the need to constantly sanitise the surface. Bacteria and viruses start to break down upon contact.

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